I need help finding a 26 B bra size?

Size 26 is on thin side and many labels do not go down to that size. You might find labels online who make for smaller frames. Also often the bras catering for smaller ribcage assumes smaller bust size as well. My advice would be to go into a store which does bra fitting and try out various options.

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Oct 22,  · Store that carries a 26B size bra? I thought I was a 32A or AA for a while, and kept wondering why in the world my bras weren't fitting right and why the strapless ones kept slipping. I figured out I was a 26B and now I'm looking for some new fbcpmhoe.cf: Resolved.
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Sadly, 26 bands are hard to find and often custom-order only. But most women in your size range do fine in 28 bands, which in your case would be a 28C. Again, this is a size that can be tricky to find, most brands start at a 28D.
Find great deals on eBay for bra 26a. Shop with confidence.

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Size 26 is on thin side and many labels do not go down to that size. You might find labels online who make for smaller frames. Also often the bras catering for smaller ribcage assumes smaller bust size as well. My advice would be to go into a store which does bra fitting and try out various options.

I remembered my friend in a changing room recently. I then saw that she'd put it on the tightest hooks and wasn't comfortable. When I changed her into the first hooks, she asked: If you can't do the tightest hooks up, I'd say the bra is too tight. When I first got fitted however, I thought that the tighter the better - that's how I ended up with those two extremely tight Gorgeous by Debenhams bras I mentioned earlier, which left welts on my skin - I shudder at the very memory.

No other bra left me in such pain well, apart from silicone irritation from strapless bras Another thing is the band - if it moves down, this usually means it's too tight strapless bras can often do that ; if the whole band moves up, it's too loose. Darlene- I've heard of Jenunique, but I heard that their bands run big so the 26 is really a 28 anyway, so I never tried them. I might consider it though if you think that's not true!

I'm not sure I could do that with Dirty Dolls right now, but it might be an interesting idea for the future. Ptasia- That's ok, I didn't mind waiting!

I wonder if you are right about those being mislabeled. My bras tend to ride up in front, like over my breasts a little bit, and that rubbing is what hurts me. I can easily pull those Effuniak bras inches away from my back when they are hooked up, if that helps. They really don't feel different from my 28 bras. It's hard to tell when nobody really makes my size, though!

Ptasia, I just realized something! The 3rd Effuniak bra pink and black always fit a little bit better. I thought it was just because it had 3 hooks instead of 2 mysterious since it's supposedly the same size as the others? But thinking about what you said, I just went and tried it on again, on the loosest hook, and tightened the straps properly and such, and I actually do think it's a different size from the others!

It is a bigger difference in snugness than I at first thought. It fits me quite well, actually. I feel stupid now for not realizing this sooner! This is why I really needed to be able to try bras that fit on myself instead of always fitting other people!

I want to try Ewa Michalak again now, but what size do I get? I can't return them if I choose wrong! If so, would the 65's have 2 hooks and the 60's 3?

I can't go visit Polish forums with people that know about this, so I'm so confused! Was it this bra: If the first, I found info from a girl who ordered 65 30 GG and complained about the three hooks. I suppose they may have been added from some cup G? On the other hand, I found also info on a purple 80D which HAD three hooks, which makes everything even more unclear; here's the link, you can scroll down the page for pics: If it's the heart print bra I can't find a pic online , my mother in law tried it on a shop we went to together.

She tried 80e or dd I think normally she's a 32f in Panache etc and the back had one 3 x 3 row of hooks PLUS a sewn in extender - so in total 6 x 3 hooks!

I think I'd do this: I'd write to Ewa, describe your problem, maybe add pics of you in the bras? Ask if they may have been mislabelled. I would still probably say a 60 shd be ok, but one like that black-pink that fits. Since it's going to be made upon special order anyway, ask about the number of hooks, if they can make it for you with 3 x 3 - this also means that the band is wider and more supportive in general, I think?

For the record, I am currently a 28G, although my bust is shrinking rapidly since I started weaning my son. I was a 28E pre-pregnancy, so I know a little bit of both sides of the story, so to speak.

I thought I might chip in on Ewa Michalak back sizes. It is still a young company and I dare to say that Ewa improves the construction with each model.

I tried on some of her bras when they still existed only as samples and were made exclusively to order. They were indeed extremely tight and not in a comfortable way. Ewa has always been following internet bra-related fora very carefully, and us, Polish bramaniacs, seem to have thought at the beginning of the bra enlightment a few years back that the tighter the band, the better.

Accordingly, Ewa's bras were started out very tight, but were gradually made looser, when the feedback of more "mass" consumers started pouring in. This would explain why they have an opinion of extremely tight bras, even though they no longer are. There were also a few hiccups like the bra that Ptasia's mom tried on - they turned out to be SO tight, that after the initial reviews the rest of the batch was sold with extenders sewn in.

With that said, I must admit I am surprised that the denim one and the aubergine one are looser than the pink and black one. They are indeed older and following the logic they should be tighter. Other than what Ptasia already mentioned bras happened to be mislabelled on several occasions , I can only think of one thing - the quality of materials was not impressive at the beginning. I've tried on three of Ewa's bras since the start of the company and I can honestly say, that the bra was better than the one I ordered in , but not as good as the one ; the last one I tried on was this http: The picture so doesn't do it justice.

It was very well made, from nice quality fabrics and the fit was just stunning sadly, the boob shrinkage had already started by then and I had to return it.

It was a 30F, the band was just right for my current 26" and the cup was rather generous I'd say a size bigger. This website is an invaluable source of information about the fit of Ewa Michalak bras: I realise you don't read Polish, but already the first few lines could be very helpful, if you know a few phrases: I realise it's not easy to browse without knowing Polish, but maybe Google translation can help ; Eg.

I see that a couple of girls with a similar cup size to yours, but 26" backs, wear band size 30 or even 32 in Ewa Michalak see here: Based on this, I think 28 should indeed be enough for you although I think Ewa could also make you a 26, should you ever decide to give it a go.

Pfffff I hope that helped a bit: Luckily my son is a good sleeper, so I could finish this comment in peace. Take care and please report back if you decide to give Ewa Michalak another try! I forgot to add one thing - Ewa Michalak bras are still thought to be quite much tighter than the standard, which I confirm. In many cases this simple rule proves right for EM bras: If your back measures 24", which is roughly 61 cm, then you should try band 60 It certainly works for me: My own theory about it based on discussions with Ewa on bra-related fora, following the Polish version of "How To Look Good Naked" where she fitted underwear, etc.

If the label says the same band size that what they've been wearing so far and close to their centimetre measurement, they may be easier convinced that it's the right one for them. It would be interesting to hear from Ewa whether I got this one right ;. I talked to the owner of missfituk. But there is not even enough demand for the 28" bras so she is expanding to 30 and I understand the frustrations very well, but what I see is not a big enough demand even for 28" backs so big companies will prob not be willing to go down to a 26" anytime soon.

What I ment was, bravissimo has told me on the phone, that most of their customers are a 32 or a 34 back. Thus, manufacturers probably aren't aware of the full scope of the demand for sub bands.

When I first started to wear bras I wore 34A or AA, and whilst there's no way my ribcage was anything close to 34", I didn't find the bras uncomfortable because I just didn't need the support of a tighter band. It seems as if the larger a person's breasts are, the more they will need a band size that's close to their ribcage measurement. I'm not trying to argue that smaller-busted people don't need bras that fit, but I'd imagine they are less likely to encounter back pain, shoulder grooves, etc.

I used to wear a 34AA from the kids section, and it's harder for us smaller busted ladies to tell if we're wearing the wrong size unless we look closely.

But my bras did feel uncomfortable because the wires seemed to poke on the sides. I got fitted at Intimacy, and that was where I found out I was a 28C. Since they didn't have any 28's, and only had very few 30's, they were willing to alter the 32A's down. The alteration worked somewhat--it's a better fit than not altered but still not quite right.

It's really hard to find 28's, especially below a D cup. Oh, I got an idea! I don't know if you've seen the ads or not, but there is the 'Kymaro bodyshaper'. You may not need the shaping part of it, but it's got posture support panels. In the before and after, the women were standing up straighter, and the busts were lifted many of those women I imagine, were wearing the wrong size.

The front part goes under your bust, so you can wear your on bra with it. So if the shaper can provide proper support for women wearing wrong bra sizes, it might work for you, providing additional support. You may also try the Chic Shaper, which says it improves posture and lifts the breasts up.

But yeah, I totally sympathize with you, because although I've also done a lot of research on bra-fitting, and got some of my friends well-fitted, I haven't quite found the right bra myself. I could not find this bra in the LaSenza online store, but a search got me some offers on ebay. I wanted to add that a lot of women do have v-shaped ribcages, sometimes dramatically so. I've done bra-fitting on about 10 friends now and and all except one had bigger ribcages than waists by ".

My waist is " depending on how much I've had to eat and drink lately! My chest gets wider as it goes up I am 31" around under my arms above my boobs, where some people tell you to measure for your bra band size and in many women is about the same circ! I think a tiny ribcage with the same measurement as the waist is more often seen on women with small shoulders proportionately.

I would say it's more rare than anything IMO, based only on my sample size and eyeballing people. If I needed support I'd be looking for 26 bands. I will write letters on behalf of my small-ribcaged, larger-breasted friends though!

There must be millions of girls and women out there with " ribcages who are wearing ill-fitting 32s the number of American women who have heard of 30, much less 28, bands is tiny. I didn't exactly mean that I thought most women weren't triangular. I think my wording was kind of confusing though Even I do have some difference, esp. For me, I think am a snug 26, or would wear a 24 in stretchier styles if such a size were made. At least that's my theory. Anyway, I mostly just wanted to illustrate that smaller than 28 isn't that strange of a size as some people would like to believe.

I can't believe I've probably been wearing the wrong bra size too all these years! Measuring around my ribcage, I found it to measure about I suppose, since I live in a small isolated town, when I was in the city I settled for the 32" band since it was the smallest size available at the store I was at I would love it if manufacturers started making smaller bra sizes and were more helpful with fitting.

I am still classed as "healthy weight" but have a 26" band now. I can't believe how so many of my friends who seem smaller than me claim to be wearing 32 or 34 inch backs. Ways to measure need to be better publicised. I have tried writing to companies. I wrote to La Senza and the only reply I got was that they didn't think smaller backs would sell and they are "thinking about" introducing a 30 back.

If we all bug them, maybe they'll eventually give in and make smaller still. I do not know if this will work for you, but the la senza low back converter see the following pictures http: I don't sew much, but with my expierence I can tell it would be ridiculously easy to buy a bra extender, cut it in two parts, and put it on a non stretching fabric so you can make the same principle as the pictures above.

Except the fabric won't be around your waist, but on your ribcage just under the bra. Material-wise the experiment won't cost much, and I don't know if you know someone with a bit sewing experience, but this is something an experienced seamstress could do within 20 minutes. There are a lot of posts connected to this thread that I have yet to read through, but I've read quite a few of them already and something that keeps popping to the front of my mind for the more "well-endowed" ladies is: What we are looking for is balance.

Properly executed exercises such as deadlifts, good mornings, and back hyperextensions would most likely help with the issue of breast-weight-induced back pain, even if the issue of a properly-fitting bra has yet to be resolved. My main issue is that the bottom of a bra can fit reasonably well when I first buy it, but the top of the band is loose enough for me to pull out by an inch under either armpit without stretching the fabric at all.

I'll try the next cup down, but my breasts will be literally spilling over the tops of the cups that way. I measure 25" around, so I guess I'd be around a 26H- the only time I truly look like such a size is when I'm wearing a nice, snug corset.

I wish they were appropriate for all occasions! Like I said I'm not a small woman and yet in Canada the smallest band size you can get is 36 and don't get me started on cup sizes larger than single D!!! I'm a big fan of Freya's Lucy bra, and love it because I can order my size from bravissimo, although their shipping charges are deterant.

I held them up to one of my 28 bras after wearing them for a few weeks so they had stretched slightly at that point the bands were pretty much the exact same size. I wrote them and asked about this, I was ecstatic when I got my 60G CH Onyx, for it was the smallest fitting bra ever delivered on my doorstep.

Anyhow, after wearing it for days it stretched about cm. So I stopped wearing it. But when I looked at it a week later, it was back to it's original size! And my reference material is exclusively tight Freya bands. Erin, Cindy When I mailed them about it I was told: You are first person with problem with band in CH Onyx. Some information for future: I'm looking forward to this one, as a child waiting for Santa! I'm 5'8, but thin, and my waist is 24" and I have a 27" rib cage. I am not triangular, my upper torso just tapers more gradually due to my height.

No one would classify me as "petite" either, I am simply too tall for that. FYI, small boobs do need support. It is very uncomfortable to run or walk fast in an unsupportive bra. It can be hard to find flattering, comfortable, well-fitting bras in small sizes too.

Visually, I look like what people imagine a B cup is, but because my rib cage is small, I need something like a 30C or 28D bra. I have a feeling this is far more common than people realize for tallish, thin, small-busted women.

This is why bra fittings are important for ALL women, not just busty ones. I just recently came to the realization of my true bra size which is a 26C, and I had always been wearing 32's A or B My best friend measured at a 28B. My sister and mom are definitely less than 30 inches as well. Now I feel depressed that I can't buy any bra that will fit me perfectly I just came to a realization after measuring that I am I'm a 26DD so I know how frustrating it is that you can't buy anything smaller than a 28 back!

I emailed Bravissimo asking them which brands tend to come up small in the back so I could try them in a 28D and they were very helpful, they recommended Miss Mandalay and the Panache Tango bras.

I also asked if there was a possibility that they would start stocking 26 backs in the future and they told me that there are no plans for it at the moment but that they would certainly log my request. At least they listened to me: I measure as 29 under my breasts and a 28DD fits great.

However, at pounds, which is small, I see numerous women who are a lot tinier than me, so I don't believe that a 28 bra band is extremely tiny - I consider myself small, but not tiny. It makes me wonder, since there are so many tinier women than myself, why I fit into the smallest band size available How does that happen if I measure 29 around? So in some styles I would want a 26 band, because I find my 28 stretches out fairly quickly. Right now I am wearing a 28 bra on the tightest hook that I've worn less than a month.

I just emailed Freya about providing 26 band sizes. Everyone should email them then they can see how high the demand is. It's interesting to me that people don't realize the need for smaller band sizes. Measuring tightly I'm right under 34 inches and loosely I'm 36 inches and 36 bands ride up horribly. There there people like my sister who are very slim and wears XXS shirts loosely, yet tried to claim she is actually something like a size 32B.

I think a lot of the problem is misinformation to the consumers who think these smaller sizes are abnormal. I too am overweight US size 18 , and basically embarrassed to tell people I wear a band!

And even that is sometimes too loose I measure 33" , but I just can't bring myself to wear the smallest band size available in many stores! I have a friend who is 3" shorter than I, petite built and underweight, who also claims she is a 34"!

So if you measure 75cm And no-one fixed it since. Aw man, I know how this goes. I'm 5'5, and at my current weight I have a My waist is People always talk about how tiny I am, so you must be super tiny if you're 5'10 and that small! I'm a little heavier right now than I usually am but at my usual weight my rib cage goes down to 24" easily! Trying to find the right size, even in specialty lingerie shops, can suck. Until I started wearing the right bra size and stopped wearing baggy shirts people always thought I was flat chested.

When I started dressing properly I was asked if I'd had work done! I'd just been flattening the girls against me and going against my curvy figure for years. The right band and bra size is so important. I don't think there are many if any women who actually have ribcages below 25 inches.

I think most women have about " between their waist and ribs, but women with very defined waists due to corsetting or naturally may have a inch difference!

I usually notice that more obese women tend to have waists the same size or sometimes even bigger than their ribcage, where as very thin may have a more significant difference between the waist and ribs. At the end of the day, your ribcage can only go so small much like the pelvis but there is really no limit to how small a waist can go, especially with corsetting. You can have an 18" waist and 28" ribcage due to corsetting, I know I've seen it. And for the record, my waist is " and my ribs are 28".

Now even when I went down to a " waist, my ribs were still " and that was the smallest it would go. I'm 5'0" and 98 lbs and there is less than a 1" difference between my ribcage and my waist. I measure at a 26DD.

Both are right around 26" so it isn't just overweight people who have waists the same size as their ribcage. On a side note: My hips are freaking 34" - 36"! Just depends on my weight and when I'm at my normal of lbs, it's 36".

I can't get bras OR jeans to even come close to fitting me. Of course, if you have quite a straight, narrow ribcage, you could potentially have very little difference between the two measurements and be thin like yourself. But I think those with more tapered ribcages will tend to notice a bigger difference between waist and ribs with weight loss as the waist becomes more defined.

I actually do have a severely tapered ribcage. I need about a 28" at my regular weight , but have a " waist. That actually causes its own fit problem, because I think I need a tapered band. If it fits properly at the bottom, it's too tight at the top. If it fits properly at the top, it rides up because the bottom is too big. My measured bra size is supposed to be a 22d. I live in a small town so the smallest bra the local department store carries is a 32a.

I usually get sports bras and wear the 32b or 32c bras inside the sports bra. I cut off the straps and safety pin the band into place. It works well until I need to wear a tank top or backless shirt. I've also been known to wear swimsuit tops because they're adjustable. I also have a small ribcage, I measure about around and should be wearing a size 26 D, but instead have had to settle for 30 C when i can find them and 32 B when i cant wearing the 32 B bras is just awful but its the only "standard" size that i can at least sort of fit into.

I'll try to email some manufacturers about this, because as you said, there are a lot more people with small rib cages than they seem to think and there is definitely a market for them. Mabye we small band sizes should create a web page on how to make your own bras and then we could all have a decent lovely fitting bra without having to wait for other companies to get around to it.

Or you could try the EM bras. They aren't that much more expensive than La Saneza. I am just experiencing the frustration of this. She is only 14 and therefore still growing!

Angry does not begin to explain Bravissimo gave us an honest measurement even though they didn't stock her size.

At least we now know that the chronic back pain she suffers is treatable and not a side effect of health concerns. Hello there and congratulations ,i really like your blog. I too am a pettite framed young woman ,waering the wrong bra size for years. Currently i m buying my bras from "Bravissimo",and i find that the size 28E is ok but since i measure 26 inches under my bust i suspect my true number would be 26F?

Anyway i have found that some 28 inches band from bravissimo run tighter that others so i can hook them on the tightest hook: But i think i should definetely try a 26'' band The thing that puzzles me is that i dont think i am such an exception at all! I have seen other small framed women many times in my life and what about shorter women?

I measue 26'' underbust and i m 5. I dont know and i dont understand how this flawed measuring system developed but i m sure many-many women are wearing the wrong bra size. Anyway today i googled 26'' bands and i just found your blog It was really informative and i ll check the polish brand you mentinoned in another post and i ll def. I am a small ribcage too.

I recently was fitted for the second time and found I am smaller than a 28; I actually measure 27". I previously thought I was a 30 and considered that was smallest available, after spending years wearing and believing 32 was smallest manufactured.

I tried on every 30 without padding because I dislike its unatural look and some with ultra light padding, only to find nothing was a good and proper fit.

They are currently searchng for me and recommended I wear a Now I understand, knowing I measure less than 28", that is my exact size. The cup has been a C, as B is too small and, I must increase to D in a smaller band size as well.

I have been playing tennis and running distance for most of my life, so my back stays muscular and trim and I am as small as I have ever been now at 44 years old. I would love to FINALLY have a bra that fits comfortabley, is made of quality materials and craftmanship and is also pretty like all good european lingerie. As a designer, I understand this area with a great deal of expertise. I hope this helps me and others like me. I am just so confused about my bra size.

I have a 23" waist and it seems that when I measure my under bust I am 26". Every time I use on of those online bra calculators I get different answers. I wish they would just make bras for us skinny people.

My bras look just like in the picture you posted. The back rides up super high and I'm constantly readjusting and fitting my boobs back into my bras.

Nothing is quite as depressing as going bra shopping. I'm sure some of you on here can relate to that. I'm a 27"H and had always been told I was a 30" - what are these bra-fitters doing?! Like another lady on here I also have a 24" waist, but I'm neither triangular nor petite, but an hourglass figure. Thankfully a 28"H bra fits fine There are few shops I can go to, and the stuff is always online which is a massive inconvenience as they often don't fit.

I've found that many places seem to sell 'big sizes' which aren't true to fit and its incredibly frustrating when you think you have finally found something good, and then it doesn't work. I'm also sick of being told I'm big chested or curvy whenever I look at online sites, and 'impossible' when I look at discussion forums including this one, person who thinks that no-one has less than a 25" waist!

I spend a lot of my time in in size 8 shirts which make me look like a wall! If you are referring to me, I said most women do not have less than a 25" ribcage, i. I am not referring to the waist measurement. I just want to be very clear that I do not mean waist size. Maybe some people are confusing the two. So if you are a 26 and decide to try a 28 to adjust, do you go up a cup size then to account for the difference in cups? No, you go down a cup size. For example, if you are technically a 26DD, you would require a 28D to keep the same volume in the cup.

I'm so glad i was able to find this website. I currently wear a 28f freya bra, and the band is too big and the cup is too small; technically i'm a ff. So, a specialist told me that my size would be 26g. I just emailed the staff at ewa michalak on their opinion.

But, what do you guys think? This is SUCH a problem for me. I'm a 26H, but there are never any stores that offer 26s at all, let alone a 26H. Hi, I'm new to the world where bra's fit properly and after I measured myself my size was 26E UK size, 26F in European size but I can't find anywhere that sells that size!

I was thinking of ordering off of Ewa Michalak but they don't list the size on the website - how did you get yours? Are you meant to send an email to custom order? Hi I'm wondering about the little bra company. Which is a bad idea I know. What I'm wonderin is what do I do? I know I'm a 28d by actual measurements.

So what should I do? I've heard their bands run small, so it's possible that a 30C would fit you fine. Also my breasts are slightly wide set so I read on here somewhere on here that if they are a little wide a 30c might be a better option. I love the little bra company and ill be checking a store soon. I just don't know what to do cause I'm low on cash and I don't wanna buy something that doesn't fit.

I know tlbc doesn't make a 28D but I love how sexy they're stuff is. What would you recommend? Curvy kate multiway plunge bra. Its new and pretty snug at 28 band. Glad I found this blog! I actually wrote to companies a while ago asking for a 28 as it was still rare to find them. I'm still finding it difficult to find 28s actually as I don't like to buy online without trying the same brand in a store somewhere first. I've just measured myself and am actually 27" loosely measured so I assume a 26 would fit me better which might explain why my shoulders are always so painful, and I always have to pull my bra back down.

I will have a look into questionnaires so we can get our voices heard! Actually, I have found companies making size 26 bands and 24 bands. I forget who, though. They are quite expensive bras as well. Also, there are places that specialize in lingerie that will adjust bands on bras to shrink them down for those who need it. One such place is the Trousseau in Vienna, Virginia.

Sometimes finding specialty stores is difficult, though. Made In Preston now stock 26" bands: They only go to a 30" but I'm a 28" and one of the 30" bands I tried was way too tight so more like a 26" if not 24" actually. Some of them are pretty true to size though so it's trial and error. They're also available on brastop. Currently my ribcage measurement is 24" and im wearing a 28H cup.

I'm a very skinny petite Asian girl living in Singapore and I have trouble finding bras with cups According to my measurements in cm I'm 55 underbust just under 22 inches , 66 bust about 26 inches so I should theoretically be a 22 D I'm 15 and still growing so previously I have always worn those kinds of racerback training bras that come in S-M-L type of sizig but I find they keep riding up nowadays and are giving me serious uniboob.

Cup sizes available here in Singapore seem to be 28 upwards and in cups A B C D we still use the old measuring system here i think and I simply can't find a bra that fits. I can only wear underwires because if not 28s just ride up all the time even if the bra is on the tightest set of hooks Companies should definately start making 26 bands soon!

Hi Brittany, I recently stumbled upon your blog after realizing that, despite the fact that I am very picky about my bras and like to think that I am one of the minority of women who are wearing the right size bra, I've been wearing the wrong size. I'm very short and also have a small ribcage I've been searching for things that are as close to my new size as possible, but the closest I've been able to get is a 28F-FF, and it's still very hard to find.

I'm persistently share the frustration and discomfort! And if you measure the proportion cups vs. As this blog's aim is to share experience,I hope my post will be helpful to someone and I want to highlight that I wrote about myself and I'm not denying Brittany's need for bands smaller than Anonymous- Thanks for the link! I do appreciate what you are trying to say.

I at one point had 28's altered for me and it made them fit even worse, i think because the underwires were already making that triangle and then removing fabric from the bands just made that so much worse. This is one of the things I like about EM bras, Ewa pays attention to details like that and I think that is why the fit is so good I have gotten some online British friends of various sizes to try them, too, and they all love them as well!

As per the snugness, I will just mention that I did indeed try the EM 60 band, for several months even, and it was definitely too big. Thanks again for sharing your experience! Well, I'm defintely not a native speaker of English. But I hope I know what suspicious means. At least, I know what it means in my own idiolect: Ewa is a great designer and her bras do wonders. I would rather suspect her of being wrong. Or, I'd rather should say that I am a bit doubtful: In Poland the good technique is as following: That's not a question of personal preferences — that is how the manufacturers such as Ewa Michalak or Comexim another good Polish brand expect you to measure yourself.

My tight measurement is 77cm and loose one cm. When I type these figures into Effuniak's bra size calculator , I am advised to buy a bra which has a band nominally 75cm long more or less, size 34 in the USA or UK. However, if I measured myself only loosely, the caltulator would make a mistake and I would buy a band 80 36 bra that wouldn't be definitely tight enough for me: If Britanny doesn't measure herself this way, it's no wonder she and the girls from Poland have different opinions on how to fit a proper band size in case of Effuniak bras: And, Britanny, if it comes to altering, I think you can risk it in case of Effuniaks.

The underwires are not flexible and they are rather narrow. I had two of my Effuniaks altered and they fit great: Yet, I'm only 34E, so defintely my case could be different: On the other hand, when I altered Panache Harmony, the result was awful. What size would I need? I'm not sure how this works quite yet.

I haven't bought any bras that actually fit me before. If you wrote in the calculator right measurements then the result given by the calculator should be fine.

The calculator gives accurate results in most cases if one takes measurements in the right way. Try on all the bras, keep the one that fits the best, and return all the others. I know that's a lot of bras to order at once, but if you don't have an excellent lingerie store near you where you can try on a lot of bras in your size, it's the best alternative.

If none of the bras that you ordered fit, you may need a bigger or smaller size than the size range you ordered, or more likely, you picked a bra that was incompatible with the shape of your breasts. For me personally, the calculator on this site predicts I will be a 30G. The calculator on EM predicts I will be a 32F. So for me the EM calculator was perfectly accurate, but your size could vary from what the calculator predicts depending on the shape of your breasts. It's all very confusing and the best way to find your true size is to try on a lot of bras.

I do not know of anyone in the U. Typical is to measure loosely, then add 4 inches. I got a good fit by measuring, not tightly, but snugly and not adding inches. I have never heard of exhaling and doing it so tightly.

I am sure that would alter the fit quite a bit. The way I do it, the band I am trying to order should fit nicely on the loosest hook. I have only ordered one bra which had really vastly different sizing and may have been a mistake and as the cups fit a bra extender worked perfectly. There seems to be a lot of variation in the way people measure! Hi Emily, A store would be great! I am short petite, people like to call it!

Otherwise the underwire is too big for my frame. So, that would make all the difference in the world to me in terms of comfort. Do you have a store near you?

I am SO willing to drive for a good store with a variety of sizes! It makes such a difference in my comfort, how my figure looks, my posture The measurement method described by me works specifically for Ewa Michalak's bras. EM design her bras with this mmeasurement method in mind and the sizes differ from those in other brands. Hi Brit i saw that you talked a lot of the Band size not so much about the Cup size. When you picked out the bra did you use UK sizing? Hi Angela- Yes, the cups are exactly the same as UK sizing.

Ewa's cups also tend to be a bit narrower better proportioned for narrow backs and shorter good for petite or high-breasted women compared to most. Sorry for the confusion, I hope that helped! Oh, and Zoe- I meant to say that I loved your explanation of the stretchiness, that made a lot of sense! The 2 bras I compared above did seem to stretch about the same, but sadly I couldn't figure out how to post a photo- I would have needed several extra hands! Does that sounds right?

That's why women with large underbust measurements don't always need large band sizes, because bigger bands strech more. Venusian glow explains this phenomenon pretty well here: Brittany - I definitely need to try this brand! Your pictures aren't slouched or distorted in any way and the rediculous 'diagram' is clearly utter tripe - the 'lines' used to show your 'slouch' in some pics arent even touching - what a sad loser with too much time on their hands.

Your post is fabulous x. Anonymous - you say: In European countries, the band 65, 70, 75 etc seems to supposedly be what you roughly measure tightly in centimetres. They can't both be a literal translation of what you measure, but from experience, I know the UK way is correct. However, a 30 inched ribcage should never wear a 34 inch bra - this adds an extra 4 inches which would mean it is simply not tight enough. From the sounds of it, the Polish women on here would think this to be correct But it's simply not.

Having tried both a 70 and a 65, I can see that they're both too big for my frame, so in reality I need a 60 band - I normally wear a UK Agree with the Warner - you write amazing fascinating blogs and do not need to fabricate anything, you only want to help and share.

Lines schmines, I have seen the bras on you and the smaller bands are definately the way forward, all the trolls need to stay away x. Brittany is not wrong, neither are you, Bianka. Neither are girls from Poland. Some girls would need the same band 28 and 60 for example in EM as in other brands.

However, as the calculator usually shows the right size in most of the cases , using it should be recommended for the starting point. I've got 28,7 inches under bust 73 cm measured tightly and 28 bands are too tight for me. I wear 30s and 32s and they fit perfectly. My Cleo Lizzie bra with 32 band is 25,6 inch long and can be extended to 31,1 inches.

My 28 inches is halfway between these two measurements. I can tell from my experience that such bras usually fit me. I don't say that this method is particularly accurate, though. Tightness and comfort of a band depends on so many factors that it is really hard to predict. However, it CAN'T be stated that 28 inch ribcage should never wear a Bianka, I uses Ewa Michalak calculator could be flawed.

But I wonder did you use an actual measuring tape or did you use an English to Metric Converter. When I saw the they had a 36 K I was so happy since a few a styles they have at that size are aren't offered in British Brands I used a English to metric converter i typed in the numbers, then plugged those numbers into the bra calculator and got 40HH. That wouldn't fit me. So after I stooped crying I looked at my bra and saw that my European measurement was an 80 K.

Changed the band size measurement from 91 to 80 and it came back with 36 K. Maybe you might want to try them out. But when you buy for the first time get two or 3 different sizes in one style.

The see how each fits you. That's what i'm thinking of doing. But is have to ask bout their return policy. Thanks for this post and for bringing awareness to band sizes under 30! I wear a 30 or a 28 band my underbust varies from Do you happen to know of any physical stores in the U.

I was thinking of writing about this sometime. As it is, I generally stick with ordering online. Christine- If you felt comfortable telling me your approximate location, I could maybe help you out more. But yes, there are a few decent stores- sadly not nearly as many there should be. They carry a full range of 28 band sizes and do a great job on fitting. I also know Nordstrom's sometimes carries 30 bands but I don't think they have 28's.

I am a 28H in british sizing, usually only panache tends to stay tight enough. I measure 26 around my ribcage, so plan to try a 55HH from Ewa Michalak Even if you don't have one near you if you go on the site http: I've never seen a 28 band at a Nordstrom, and it's usually hard to find 30's there: They were willing to alter the band down, but for the price, I'd just as soon buy a 28 band bra online!

This post has been extremely helpful and encouraging to me. After yet another poor Bravissimo experience last Saturday I was very depressed and frustrated. But thanks to fullerfigurefullerbust and this blog I have been given new hope. My issue is a small back 77 tight, 80 loose compared to an extremely large overbust I am in my final stages of research regarding Ewa Michalak and I hope to order my first bra from them soon.

AL - fair enough, it just really angers me when people try to make out she's lying of trying to give false information as after all I don't see what reason she would have to do so? As a blogger myself I feel her frustration is all x. Hi, Brittany, Just reporting in to let you know that I ordered two EM bras because you were so pleased with them in this post. I, too, got the Toffik, and then also got the Lilia. The Lilia is not quite cut right for my breast shape, but the Toffik is perfect.

I'm really impressed by the quality of both and for so much less than my everyday Panaches, even including the Poland-US shipping, amazing! At 32HH, I never thought I'd find demi-cups that actually fit, and I'm over the moon to find something that's at once sexy, well-made, and affordable. Definitely would not have taken the plunge heh--bra pun! Could you please post a picture of your 26HH any of 3 or all them together side to side with some 28H or 30GG bra?

I'm on neverending quest of finding what can sit right on my 24" back and story of your successfull solving the similar problem gives me a new hope.

The calculator from CurvesAndCorsets Thanks Georgina for the link puts me in awkward 24HH - the size really hard to trade-to-a-friend in case of fitting mistake.

Hello again, I commented earlier saying that I was ordering a couple of bras from Ewa Michalak; they arrived today. They fit very well and I am extremely pleased with them. It's so nice to have properly fitting bras again, and the quality seems very good.

The bras fit very well; the band is snug on the loosest setting, like a new bra should be, and the cup fits smoothly if anything I could try one cup size up.

Anyways, thanks again for the excellent review! Brittany, thank you so much for the fitting guidelines. Yours are the best and have led me to bra's that actually fit.

Don't know who Alladyna is, but I have to agree with her. Your back IS arched, though I'm sure you didn't intend to do so. I just traced with a piece of paper and compared all 3. There is a slight different between the 30 and 28, you're actually hunched a little more in the 28 which is kind of weird But between the 26 and the other two there is quite a noticeable difference.

Your shoulders are back more and your upper back is straighter. Now this could be becaues it's supporting you better I only found one 28FF bra on ewa's site-- I wonder how dissimilar a 30F would be. I guess i could always use an extender, but I'm wary of requesting non-refundable custom work I've never had a bra that fit before. These are by far the best bras I've ever had! I bought them in 30F and they seem to fit very well.

Thanks so much Britney! Thank you for this awesome post! I have a question for you regarding sizing for this brand. My ribcage loosely measured is 28, and tightly measured is 27 i could get it down to 26 when i weighed 10 pounds less, which i don't plan on doing. So would you reccomend a 60 or 55 band? This comment you made "Ewa's cups also tend to be a bit narrower better proportioned for narrow backs and shorter good for petite or high-breasted women compared to most" makes me want to try EM bras - I wear a Euro size 34F or US 34DDD , and have very high breasts for my size one would think they should be lower, because they are larger.

But I'm thoroughly confused about their sizing now that I plugged my s into their calculator. They recommended an 85DD 38DD , and I've never worn anything larger than a 36 band, and that was too loose, which is why I was fitted in a My underbust is 33" The impression I get from reading the comments is to go with my normal size, but I'm not certain. Brittney, Do you mind sharing what your bras bands measure? I have a 26" ribcage and prefer a bra that measures 55cm in the band.

I have one tighter 28 band that measures 55cm unstretched and it is the best fitting bra I own. The calculator on the website puts me at a 65DD, I wear a 28G. Would their 55 band size be a good fit for me with a 26" ribcage?

I found the post really useful but when I click on the link to take me to the website, it just takes me back here. Could you repost the link? I'm having a hard time finding it on Google. Anonymous- I think a 60 band should be perfect. Veronika- I would suggest trying your normal size, or if you can, try ordering a few sizes and return the bras that don't fit. Chrystal- I will look at that and get back to you!

If you feel that you generally need tighter than most 28 bands, though, I think the 55 is probably the right size for you. JessicaEnns- Sorry about that, I don't understand why it's not working! The website is http: Hi, I am interested in trying EM bras, but am confused about sizing. The calculator put me at a 80DD 36DD , which sounds right for the cup, but very wrong for the band. I wear a 32F in Fantasie. I have a Freya Deco in a 34E and a 32E, the 34E is too large in all aspects and the 32E is a tiny bit snug in the cup.

My ribcage measures 31 inches and my bust measures 41 inches. Any advice for EM sizing? How does it fit, compared to Fantasie bras? Compared to the Freya Deco? Part of an email direct from Ewa: Brittany, do you know of any other companies that may make band sizes smaller than 28? Or maybe a company that runs smaller than normal? Panache in a 28 slides up my back. I am 61cm snug, I don't understand why they would tell you that!!! My only guess is that maybe, due to the language differences, they didn't understand that you wanted to do a special order.

If you think that's possible, would you write them back, and make it very clear that you want a special order and understand that it's not part of their regular range? You have very very similar measurements to me, btw! My bust is a little bigger around and full in shape so I do need a few cup sizes bigger, however. Sometimes their bands run quite snug. But sometimes they don't and it's hard to predict, and also I worry the cups might be too small for you, as their cups run small, too. All I can say is that I know for a fact that companies like Panache, Freya, Curvy Kate, etc are going to start having 26 bands within the next few years.

And that as soon as I know more, or find out other details, or new companies with options for us 26 backs, I will post to this blog for sure.

However on the bar it said that they did. It was from you, Britney that I found out they use British sizing. Looking on their website it seems that 26 band sizes are now standard from D up. So you don't have to ask for the size if especially anymore. Hello, Brittany I've been looking for good strapless bras for the longest time.

I have the same breast volume, just a larger band size at a 32HH. Would you recommend getting the Toffik bra from Ewa Michalale? I would just be wearing it for a couple hours because I only have one dress that looks bad with straps. Do you, in your personal opinion, think that they'll be supported enough? I love this post and I adore Ewa! I'm a 30H Ewa. Their bands to run a touch tighter I've found that's a good thing. My Ewa 30's are now feeling too loose yay weight loss.

I realize my next purchase may be a special order. It's so wonderful knowing I can get high quality bras in such a unique size without signing over my first born. I still have another 15 pounds to lose, I may end up closer to a Frustrating but knowing Ewa is there to save the day helps. I adore your blog! It's next to impossible finding clothing that fits busty women. You take the guess work out of things. For what it matters, the Ewa calculator was very inaccurate for me.

My best bet thus far as been the Sophisticated Pair calculator. That was pretty much spot on. I've had a 24" ribcage yes, I know What bra size should I be wearing? Could someone please help?!!! I know the shops don't sell my size, I need a bra that fits!

Dear Brittany, have you tried EU bra sizes? On dutch websites I'm Dutch , these bra band sizes 60 and 65 are available. Cupsizes differ a little too, though. You should calculate your EU bra size: Anonymous, Thanks very much for the suggestion, but the EU sizes don't work quite like that.

A 60 band size is equal to a 28 band How do you know you're a 26 and not a 28? I ask this because I am having difficulty finding the right size. In a 30DD the center "tacks" on to my rib cage but it will rub me if I move around and I worry about blistering just got the bra a week ago so time will tell In the back it rides up slightly. When I measure myself I get a 26 band size but I wonder how tight things are supposed to fit.

I'm 5'5, I have a " waist and my ribs at What should I be expecting? How can I know the difference between whether I'm a 26 or a 28? Have you noticed any discomfort when switching to a better-fitted band size? I always wore one too large, because it's all I could find. I finally found one with a band that's a pretty good fit. But it gives me heartburn and other internal discomfort by the end of the day.

I buy my bra from Change, and their smallest band size is 60cm. But I don't know how misguided I am, I just really wanted to say this. Do you have any bra of band size 24? I would be interested to know if you're happy with them. I tried on a bra that had band size 60 at Change of Scandinavia and it fit just fine but the cup was a little too small. I googled and can't find bigger cup sizes with teeny tiny band sizes, say around 24H.

BTW, just ran into this project. I bet there are plenty of people with band sizes 24,26 and Hi, I've been following your blog avidly for some time and find it very inspiring. However, they are refusing to custom make a 26 band bra for me, claiming it will fit me badly.

It seems to me that they don't know how the European sizes and the UK sizes work - they keep insisting that since I measure 26 inches under my bust then I must use an EU65 since 26 inches is 65 cm.

I've been trying for months to make them understand, but they are very unhelpful. I'm quite baffled to be honest and I'm wondering if you experienced anything similar when you contacted them initially? Or if anyone else have had similar experiences with them? Hi Brittany, I love your blog, only recently came across it and it is very enlightening!

The difference between these 3 bras is amazing, I can just imagine the extra comfort you get from the proper support! I'm growing into a figure similar to yours and I'm currently looking to buy a new set of bras because my current ones rub and itch something aweful, and I had a few questions: Perhaps it will help me minimise my problems: She puts them on the usual way, spins and straps, but she doesn't try to re-position the band as high up under her breasts as she can.

She just leaves them there and tightens the straps, I tell her it isn't supporting her breasts properly, is there any advice you can offer? Thanks Brittany keep up the beautiful posts and extremely helpful posts: I tried custom ordering a 26GG bra from Ewa. I was really confused, so I just sent them an email saying that I would like to order the CH Toffik in a 26GG and gave them my address.

Greet Dominik Michalak http: There is an option to place orders on their website, but it seems to only work with things you've added to your cart, meaning it couldn't be used for custom orders, could it? Should I email them again? What should I say? Sorry- I'm new to Ewa and I'm really confused.

Hi Cat, I've always just emailed them to order, but I haven't placed an order in a little while, so maybe things are different.

Maybe just email them again and ask? They've been being somewhat difficult lately about letting people order 26 bands, insisting that their calculator is accurate. I think they want you to try your calculator size first since it would be returnable, and then try 26 if it doesn't fit. That was a super awesome quick response! By the way, you are awesometastic. Sorry- just doing some blogger fangirling. I'll email them and pretend the calculator said that was my size.

How do you find the true size? Sounds like Ewa Michalak discontinued all her band sizes below a Not sure if it added my post, so my apologies if this posts twice: Are you aware that your comparison photo is being used on a bra shop's website? It isn't negative or anything, just a little weird if you aren't aware, so I thought I'd point it out. I am so buying them a bra! According to your guideline to measure myself, I am a 24F. It is almost impossible to get a 24F!!!

I'll first try the "normal" one to check if they don't fit and in case they really don't, I'll return them and buy my special size. D Thanks a LOT for this. It has been very helpful! Hi, I had a question. My bra size is 26J and I'm 14 and im still growing rapidly so I cannever get overly expensive bras. However, due to the scarcity of my size I have been wearing sister sizes since the seventh grade.

I ordered a couple bras through a site called Wellfitting. They offer band sizes down to 26 and cup sizes up to O. I always love to hear your thoughts! Please remember to be respectful. I may not publish comments that are rude, hateful, personal attacks, racist, sexist, or otherwise inappropriate.

Dissenting opinions are fine, as long as they are respectful. Well, I didn't find that to be the case, and neither have many people I have talked to who have ordered from Ewa Michalak recently. However, I found out that Ewa Michalak offers 55 26 bands on order, so I decided to try them out.

I couldn't wait to try out some of the world's first available 26 bands! And were they true 26 bands? The answer is yes!!! They truly were a vast improvement over the 28 bands I have been wearing. It is amazing what a difference going down a band size can make. I think it just goes to show that even a bra that's "almost right, but not quite" can still have big problems. I feel especially sorry for women who get improperly fitted using the add 4 inches method, since I wonder how many of them think they have the right size, but then have the same painful rubbing.

As for the improvement in appearance, see for yourself: Comparison of 3 band sizes for you all I ordered 3 styles: Toffik , Black Emerald halfcup , and the nude Strapless bra.

Even if you do not need a smaller band size, I highly recommend Ewa Michalak as a brand. The bras are gorgeous and extremely well made- I personally think that they are better constructed than Freya and Panache bras.

I have a 26" ribcage and prefer a bra that measures 55cm in the band. I have one tighter 28 band that measures 55cm unstretched and it is the best fitting bra I own. The calculator on the website puts me at a 65DD, I wear a 28G. Sadly, 26 bands are hard to find and often custom-order only. But most women in your size range do fine in 28 bands, which in your case would be a 28C. Again, this is a size that can be tricky to find, most brands start at a 28D. Size 26 is on thin side and many labels do not go down to that size. You might find labels online who make for smaller frames. Also often the bras catering for smaller ribcage assumes smaller bust size as well. My advice would be to go into a store which does bra fitting and try out various options.