Watch: LeBron James Wears Shorts With His Suit to Game 1 of the NBA Finals

Retailers are starting to push a new trend in menswear: The short suit. The ensemble looks like a regular suit from the waist up, with a sportcoat over a button-down shirt and sometimes a tie or.

The style originally descended from the exaggeratedly widened Oxford bags worn in the s in Oxford, which, though themselves short-lived, began a trend for fuller fronts. Folk costume Distinctions Orders medals , etc.

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Regardless, suit shorts themselves are pretty practical: anyone who has ever accrued his wardrobe from second-hand shops knows that suit pants make the best cut-off shorts. Seriously.
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Agree, its been more than 20 years of men wearing suits and they don’t wear short suits. The problem with short suits is that they are sold as just that, suits. If you can wear shorts to your office than you can wear a short suit, but if you can’t wear shorts to your office, you can’t wear a .
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On the other hand, I saw an estate planning client who was wearing a sweat suit, so maybe I was in the right range. Neiman Marcus has a limited sale on this silk Kate Spade top: I think the sale expires at 2: Without getting into any comments about her politics or performance, I was wondering if anyone saw Michelle Bachman in the debate last night.

I ask because I liked the look of the stand up collar button up with her suit. I thought it was a nice look and was wondering if anyone had seen a shirt like that around?

I think how put together it looks is what appealed to me the most! I think part of the reason I dislike the collared look on me is that the collar moves or is higher one side or slumps or if worn outside the jacket can flare out more on one side than the other, etc etc etc.

Just one big mess on me but that blouse would stay in place beautifully. She also made a lot of hand movements and nothing changed. As for my warning, I think for the most part she tends to be one of the more controversial folks out there today. I am a fan of her shirt but not her as evidenced by the name but I just wanted to keep it focused since she tends to bring out the crazy detractors and the crazy supporters.

Best to warn both sides: This shirt may have a similar look. She is doing a much better job of looking pulled together and professional lately. I think that is probably intentional. I thought her open-toed shoes were inappropriate. But besides that, I thought she looked very pulled together.

I would never wear a shorts suit to the office because I find them to be heinously ugly. I work in a non-law office where shorts are acceptable during the summer — but short suits are just so weird and ugly. I feel differently about cropped pants. The wearer was always carrying something that looked like a folio of advertising materials or was pulling a steno machine. I do it on my off days from court or hearings, but always with heels and only almost knee length. If you had shorts in a suit-like material, why would they still be considered casual?

This is pretty much how I feel. The difference for me is that shorts are sexier… I only wear knee-length skirts to the office, and only if they do not show the underside of my rear. There was a comment a few weeks back about how clothing is inappropriate if it shows the outline of the underside of your rear or breasts. I think that hit the nail on the head. For example, A-line skirts are better than tight pencil skirts for that reason. Shorts are designed and cut to flatter your backside. Well, maybe not that Pretty Woman culottes-suit pictured, but those are just plain out of fashion.

I totally rocked this look during student government elections and sorority rush in the late 80s. But nostalgia makes me think I might go there for brunch or an intown garden party.

I do like the look. I do not work in a professional environment and never have so that may color my opinion. This suit in particular is very nice especially with the heels. It is a tighter fit Bermuda short, so knee-length:. I love the jacket. It would be fab with a pencil skirt.

But I really dislike the shorts. The shorts just look ridiculous to me, kind of like you forgot you were wearing shorts but put on a blazer. Regardless of length, shorts are not a skirt. I just think the suit jacket with those things looks ridiculous. In the past 10 years, I have owned maybe four pairs of shorts, compared to at least 15 skirts.

A little off tangent.. But I want to wear skirts. You can go with longer, flowy skirts for summer and then switch to tights or boots with shorter skirts in the cooler weather.

Even with heavier legs? I have classic cankles in that my lower leg is pretty much the same size from the knee down. I have a just-covering-the-knee full skirt that I like to wear.

I just need to find shoes that elongate my legs a bit. Maybe a nude shoe.. Maxis are easy to hem. If you mean for your off time, I wear long flowly skirts all summer, because I just like the feel and look no worrying about shaving my legs! If you mean for work, I think a clean a-line skirt is going to be more flattering than a regular straight skirt since your legs will look narrower in comparison.

The only thing I would say to avoid is tiny kitten heels. I think a slightly chunkier not nec. I work in an environment where anything goes. I can dress up or down if I want not a lawyer. I am just learning how to dress outside of jeans and liking how it feels to dress nice. And I think the suggestion of maxi skirts is a great one. Tracy — try looking for Naturalizer or other brand wide calf boots on Endless or Zappos. They have free returns. First, congrats on your weight loss!

I will never have gorgeous gams, but I try to remind myself that the same gene pool that cursed me and pretty much every other woman in my family with these stocky cankle-y legs and a predisposition also gave me awesome hair, pretty eyes, fairly decent skin, and a smart brain.

I think finding a skirt length and shoe styles that are most flattering, and sticking with those, helps a lot. Mostly just the shape of my legs. I can deal with the paleness, the veins, etc etc because I earned them all but the shape is tough for me. I feel weird about them. I completely hear you! I tend to stick mainly with cropped pants that are straight off the calf, but I have a few well-selected skirts.

Pantyhose and heels definitely improve the situation. I am always looking for sandals that can be worn with hose. Peeptoes work decently well. Standing in front of a full length mirror, put on a long skirt or even hold up a cloth and slowly pull up the skirt, noting the lengths which are most attractive for you.

Use a tailor to hem skirts to exactly the right length. For me, a-line skirts that hit just below my knee work the best. Mini-skirts looked great, too… but sigh, those days are gone! Thanks for the suggestions. I have been on the prowl for a wedge shoe that is closed-toe and no straps and had precious luck finding any that I can afford.

I have discovered that pants that fit well can look far better than a skirt that fits so-so. You should check out the blog www. The blogger also experienced a significant weight loss. She blogged about her legs at one point, but her legs are definitely sturdy and she rocks skirts ALL the time. I would check out her style. That latter one is hard to pull off, if you ask me, but the boots with skirts look is great and very classic.

On the other hand, the US version of What Not To Wear has featured lots of women with thick ankles and they just ignore the issue. To some degree, that advice resonates more with me than the cover-it-up advice from the UK. We are more about body acceptance here, I think, and so if you can get your own self past the issue, I think you should just wear what you want to wear and forget about your perceived flaws.

That unbroken vertical line is more slimming than an obvious break right at the cankle. Nude for you shoes — preferably pumps with a low vamp — are the best look for heavier legs. I digress,…no never nuh uh no way.

I am a recent college graduate contemplating law school and looking to gain exposure to the legal field. Does anyone have advice as far as places to apply—are there particular kinds of firms that would prefer bright, eager college grads over more experienced, career paralegals? Any particular job boards you recommend? Is it better to go through a staffing agency, or to apply directly to a firm?

I am interested in litigation, so I was considering writing a letter to a judge or maybe to the personnel department of a courthouse. My friends and I have clerked for judges as JDs before who have had college-level interns as in people without JDs.

From my experience, they were hired on because the judge knew their parents and pulled a favor. I also went to court with them every morning, sat through trials, etc. It was very good exposure, since I saw what lawyers prosecutors specifically actually do. Thanks for the response! Try signing up with temp placement agencies that cater to the legal field! I found a summer job as a paralegal between college and law school and got great experience. Robert Half Legal is what I used, but if you google you can find several.

I worked for government agencies in college. I spent the mornings opening a convenience store at 5 a. When I was looking for my position no experience , I googled the top law firms in the country, found a list of the top , narrowed the list to only those firms with offices in Los Angeles, then made a spreadsheet of those 90 or so firms website, entry level?

I applied to all open entry-level positions, but many firms just had open calls for resumes. I sent resumes and firm-specific cover letters to those firms. And I checked the website of every firm on the spreadsheet weekly.

How would anyone even know if you wore a skirt with built in shorts underneath? We have arrived for Game 1. The Cavaliers have worn matching suits throughout the playoffs.

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Reiss recommends pairing the shorts with a plain black crew-neck T, suede driving shoes, and a pair of aviator glasses for a look that says "smart and informal." Reiss For a less traditional look, Barneys New York carries a $ Comme des Garcons short suit trimmed . All results for "women business suits" LISUEYNE. Women's Three Pieces Office Lady Stripe Blazer Business Suit Set Women Suits for Work Skirt/Pant,Vest and Jacket. from $ 79 99 Prime. Womens Tailored Short Sleeve Basic Simple Button-Down Shirt with Stretch. from $ 12 99 Prime. out of 5 stars Previous Page 1 2 3 Next Page. Find great deals on eBay for woman shorts business suit. Shop with confidence.